Sunday, July 2, 2017

Reset Password using AccountManagementService API in AEM 6.2 - Part2

Hello Everyone

In our previous User Creation using AccountManagementService API blog we have learned how to create the aem user account? Here, we will discuss about resetting the password.

To achieve the same we have to use requestPasswordReset() method of AccountManagementService API.

Explanation of requestPasswordReset() method of
AccountManagementService  API

method api.PNG
Fig- requestPasswordReset() Method
Below are the parameters of requestPasswordReset() method in detail:

  • userId: UserId, for which you are changing the password.
  • requestUrl: From this parameter, API will get the host and port. This host and port used to create confirmation page url, which is send to user in mail for request for password. Example: http://localhost:4502
  • configPath: It is a path of the node(e.g., “/content/resetPasswordProperties”) type of nt:unstructured, where only one property is needed.

a) confirmationPage: This confirmationPage link will be sent in password reset request mail, On click which, user will be redirected to the page having reset password form.
Note: This field is mandatory.

Fig- config path node with its properties

Functionality of requestPasswordReset() method

Change password.jpg
Fig- Functionality of requestPasswordReset() method

Steps to follow:
  • User have to fill the Reset Password Form and submit the request.
reset password.PNG
Fig - Reset Password Form

  • This Request received by the servlet  and the servlet calls the requestPasswordReset() method of AccountManagementService API.
  • After submission of the form, "Request to change password" mail will be sent to user.
mail Password.PNG
Fig - Email for send the request to change password
    • User have to click “request to change password” link from email, and  it will redirect user to change password form.
    Fig - Change Password Form
      • This "change password" form is nothing but a “newPassword” component which is having newPassword.html and POST.html .

      Note: The above html contain a hidden field having value of “ky” token.


      Note: Above post.html will execute on newPassword form submission as it is defined in the action of form,which includes the requestconfirmation.jsp. requestconfirmation.jsp will help to reset the password.
      • After submitting the Change Password form, A post request goes to the server. and Post.html will execute to change the password
      • After that user will get confirmation email for password change .
      Fig- Email for Password changed

      Let's demonstarte User Creation and Reset Password Using "AccountManagementSetvice API" here:

      If you have any query or suggestion then kindly comment or mail us at

      Hope it will help you guys !!
      Thanks and Happy Learning .


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