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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Granite UI Jquery Validations in AEM 6.2

As a developer, I want AEM components to be author friendly, So that  authors can fill the dialog with proper validations and check.

To achieve this  in touch UI dialog, Jquery Validation plugins are the most preferable and widely used.

Use Case: I was having a dialog in which i was enabling two fields Contact Us Message and Time only when author enters the mobile Number.
If author don’t enter anything in mobile no. field then both the fields will remain disabled.

How to achieve it:
1.Add a property validation in mobile,  contact us message and time widget. This property will be use as a selector in jquery.

Fig- Adding the validation property in the widget

2.Now with the help of selector  ,the plugin is getting registered. Registering custom validators is done by calling the jQuery based $.validator.register method.
   selector: "form [data-validation='cq-dialog-mobileNo']",
   clear: function(el) {
       var mobileMessage = $("form [data-validation='cq-dialog-mobileMessage']");
       var time = $("form [data-validation='cq-dialog-time']");
       if (el.val() != "") {
           mobileMessage.attr('disabled', false);
           time.attr('disabled', false);
       } else {
           mobileMessage.attr('disabled', true);
           time.attr('disabled', true);

Through this validator, when author enters  mobile Number, it enables or disable rest of the fields.

Now there is also a problem that when content loaded, it is not showing the appropriate behaviour , because the above validation only works when there are some changes on mobileNumber field.

For Solving this issue, there is a need of calling clear() method when content is getting loaded.

/* call mobile tab validators on content loaded */

$(document).on("foundation-contentloaded", function(e) {

/* updateErrorUI is used to called clean method of validator */
   $("form [data-validation='cq-dialog-mobileNo']").updateErrorUI();

Fig- Before enter the mobile number all field disabled

After entering the mobile number all field become enabled
Fig- After enter the mobile number all field become enable

In this example,one more tab E-Mail exists, in which email-id is disabled when email message is given.

You can find code for the same also while downloading the package.
Demo Package Install

If you have any query or suggestion then kindly comment or mail us at

Hope it will help you guys !!👍
Thanks and Happy Learning 😊


  1. for $(document).on("foundation-contentloaded", function(e) {

    /* updateErrorUI is used to called clean method of validator */
    $("form [data-validation='cq-dialog-mobileNo']").updateErrorUI();

    why did you used foundation-contentloaded why not dialog-ready?

    1. So this is granite jquery validation framework. It is a way to validate granite widgets. dialog.ready is nothing but basic js.

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